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"word // flesh" by Kai White

i was reading 

way too much

about mk ultra

using quantum 

number generators 

to roll the dice 


the possible 

eyeballs, knives,

a paper airplane 


into steel

concrete truth

when i dreamed 

i was a manchurian candidate 

this body was a vessel

for many spirits 

this one

sat in a limo 

reading over the reports 


i emerged 

from tinted windows

into the setting sun 

behind the red carpet 

the mansion that didn’t appear 

on google maps 


mount olympus 

i locked eyes 

with the abuser 

who pretended 

to be

my father 

we joined hands

we tangoed 

step by step 

to wagner 

until i had 

the upper hand 

and slit his throat 

cut out his tongue 

my dance 

of steel and flesh

a final gift 

i gave my father 

entry into valhalla 

before i disappeared 

shortly before waking 

to join the ether 

and haunt every oligarch 

in the mansion 

connected to wifi 


Kai White is an existentially curious writer from Kent, Ohio into reading, painting, producing music, talking to cats, and meditating with monks over the internet. When the mood strikes, Kai tinkers with sounds under the name Shadowplay.

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