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Taylor Napolsky's new words

lome - (lōm) - n.


The state of thinking of your days as near-mindlessly repetitive, week after week, so you can already see how it’s going to go for weeks or months or more ahead of time. Usually associated with an unexciting, mundane life.


resmore - (rěs-môr) - n.


A coincidental correspondence between stuff you’re reading and have been thinking about lately; or it comes up again in what you’re listening to, etc.

spira - (spî-rǔ) - n.

The sense of surprise, disconcertment, or shock that comes from seeing an actor (whether on TV or on social media or in real life) in modern clothes, with modern makeup and hair, talking like a regular, contemporary person. This feeling comes from the juxtaposition of getting used to them in a role, playing a character, speaking like that character, wearing the character’s clothes, inhabiting the film or show’s world. It usually doesn’t last long.

stacropus - (stǎ-crǔ-pǔs) - v.


Holding back on experiencing sensations—such as taste or music—which one associates with a certain activity or event, so as not to pollute that feeling, taking away from its effect. For example the association of eating peanuts on a plane, or hearing a film’s score while watching the film.

trpry - (trâr-rē) - n. - adj.


The state of believing something but also being skeptical about it; it sounds good but you think there might be flaws or a catch. Usually applies to huge macro ideas, i.e., political systems and theories, things like that….

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