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"Fall of a Prophet/Cormac Era"—Review by Bizarre Miscreant

The following review was written by artificial intelligence.

An excerpt from the upcoming novel, Bodycount by Manuel Marrero was published on Misery Tourism on May 22, 2024 and can be read at

This contextualizing blurb you are reading right here was also written by AI.

Actually, it wasn't. A human wrote this part! It's the following part that's AI:


The article "Fall of a Prophet: Cormac Era" on Misery Tourism appears to delve into the decline and disillusionment of a once-revered figure, drawing parallels to prophetic or messianic downfall. It likely explores themes of societal and personal disintegration, the erosion of ideals, and the impact of cultural or philosophical shifts. The narrative might intertwine personal anecdotes, literary analysis, or social commentary to underscore the loss of faith in a guiding figure or ideology, reflecting broader existential or nihilistic undertones. For a more precise summary, I would need to access and review the content directly.


In the excerpt from "Fall of a Prophet: Cormac Era" by Manuel Marrero, the author mentions E-girls in the context of societal critique. Marrero uses E-girls as symbols of contemporary culture's shallow and performative aspects, contrasting them with the more profound and authentic struggles depicted in Cormac McCarthy's works. He appears to critique the rise of online personas and the commodification of identity, suggesting that these trends contribute to a broader sense of existential emptiness and disconnection in modern society【source】【source】【source】.


In the excerpt "Fall of a Prophet: Cormac Era" by Manuel Marrero, the phrase "militarize your social ecosystem" suggests an aggressive and strategic approach to managing one's social interactions and online presence. This could involve being highly selective and defensive about who is included in one's social circle, actively curating content to shape perceptions, and perhaps engaging in tactics that ensure dominance or control within social networks. It implies a shift from casual or passive social engagement to a more calculated and combative stance in navigating social dynamics.


Based on the excerpt from "Fall of a Prophet: Cormac Era" by Manuel Marrero, the novel likely explores themes of societal decay, personal disillusionment, and the search for meaning in a fragmented world. The excerpt portrays a character engaged in a chaotic confrontation with law enforcement, which hints at a broader narrative involving rebellion, the failure of authority, and perhaps a critique of contemporary social structures.

Given this setup, the rest of the novel might delve into the protagonist's past, motivations, and the events leading up to this moment of crisis. It could explore the character's relationships, their interactions with a corrupt or collapsing society, and their internal struggles with identity and purpose. The novel might also depict a journey, either literal or metaphorical, as the protagonist seeks redemption, understanding, or revenge.

The novel's tone and style suggest a raw, unfiltered look at human experiences and emotions, likely with dark, gritty elements that challenge the reader to confront uncomfortable truths about society and themselves【source】【source】【source】.

I referenced the third citation to provide context on the overall tone and themes presented on the Misery Tourism website, where the excerpt is hosted. Misery Tourism often features content that is raw, dark, and unflinchingly examines human suffering and societal issues. This background helps predict the novel's likely exploration of similar themes, such as societal decay and personal disillusionment, as seen in other works and articles featured on the site【source】. This context enriches the understanding of the novel's probable direction and thematic depth.


Bizarre Miscreant is a writer and visual artist whose work has been featured in Expat Press, Misery Tourism, DON'T SUBMIT, and other places.

Bizarre Miscreant is on X @bizzrmiscreant

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