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Excerpt from "Phallic Symbols" — two poems by Cletus Crow

Near Future

The best part of having a cybernetic penis is it's also a gun. The second is it can't malfunction. I cum inside, and the bullet destroys his left lung. How could this happen? The switch on my testicles is set to kill. The worst part of having a cybernetic penis is it's easy to forget you have one. The second is somehow, even without a cybernetic penis, you would hurt the people you love. 

Missiles Shaped like Eggplants 

food penis water penis country penis women penis penis penis gun penis fear penis bomb penis us penis them penis hate penis death penis propaganda penis lies penis reconstruction penis economic boom penis babies penis you penis grow up penis draftable penis really think about that penis injustice penis death penis the toes on my right foot got crushed idk how I promise I'm not lying penis yes i'd be a coward penis it keeps me awake at night penis ya know penis losing oneself to history's recurring nightmare


Cletus Crow is a writer. His first full-length collection, Phallic Symbols, will be out via Pig Roast Publishing this summer. 

Cletus Crow is on X/Twitter @yevsbJvajbabzba

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This is so lewd jk


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