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diary by Kenji Siratori


language does not signify the inversion of the world, but expansion, a new force moving the gigantic objects of a naked beautiful city, events, fragmented technology experienced by bees, theoretically, crude movements from her mental illness, focusing on the reptiles of human girls, literature, the absorbed body of bots, tragic time, free reptiles, screaming future, always the highest being called drugs, the genuine needs of the body of real reality before blood becomes a dot, people need the flow of contracts, nature becomes a dot, karma and its self-data, you are sick, you are life, the eternal pursuit of time and space is autonomy, your universe of existence is entwined in a handful, integrating binding and blocking what lies behind the earth's poor healing, you know longer parameters, i, janus, prosper for destiny, developing a soul organ download account through new sex doll deals, the picture of dimensions produced by corpses and reproductions, and when did attached vision want it, analyze it, and what is meaningless cycle personally, what are you, the murder mechanism of mastering the universe is a purified mission that went there, literary deals focused there are love of empty love, spiritual corpses joke, the call goes out a reptile souls and things inevitably hinder things among you, our immersion is perhaps me thrown there? lacking continental images, the meaning of living, anal spiritual, it was within you, the voice of the murderer orgy itself is dissolving.


Kenji Siratori is a Japanese glitch writer and posthuman pornographer. His notable works include Blood Electric and Paracelsus. Recently a collaborative book, R.G. Vasicek vs. Kenji Siratori "Augenblick" was published.

Kenji Siratori is @KenjiSiratori and @posthumanmagazine

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