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"Efers Coarse Place" by Taylor Napolsky

Valid thing to   say would be

understandable for an instant

efers coarse place 

To    put the skin of fingers 

Pressing against songs 

new Drake    dis came out 

new Kendrick song    as ev-

erybody watches 

The fight   play dealing with 

public opinion    He said what

She said this aretnus that could’ve 

been good 

subjectivity taking its toll

with Yo-

uTube reaction channels laying

it out and it out and

it out and the ground 

beneath me runs

head gets    to

something unrecognizably stinsed

when I   Heard this 

People laughing    they’re not knowing

what’s going on like 

I don’t 

Who can say what

lyric means that     What bar

is trying to do a thing

Tapped in like quented 

the scene for good

Reason we all 

Figure it     don’t we 

and then we know    Holding

to it importunately 


Taylor Napolsky's work has been in MORIA, Hobart, and other places. Visit him online at

Taylor Napolsky is @taylornapolsky and @taylornapolsky

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